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Trailblazing Success In Tech And Beyond, Together!


Your gateway to a world of valuable resources, engaging discussions, and exciting networking opportunities. 

As a member, you'll find two groups within our community: "Aspiring Trailblazers" who are new to Salesforce and seeking certification, and "Certified Trailblazers" who have already achieved Salesforce certifications and can become volunteers.


Get started with the support needed for success. Currently, Tech Forward offers 3 empowering courses to kickstart your tech career journey!

  1. Intro to the Salesforce Ecosystem
    Explore the diverse components of the Salesforce platform in this comprehensive introduction.


  2. Salesforce Associate Certification Course
    Prepare for the Salesforce Associate certification, gaining skills that are in high demand.


  3. Salesforce Admin Course
    Upon completing Courses 1 and 2, unlock access to our Salesforce Admin Course to elevate your skill set.

College Student
Online Conference
You're invite to volunteer as an Instructor, Mentor, Resume Reviewer, Mock Interviewer, Speaker, or other community roles where your expertise adds value and contributes to the growth of Tech Forward.
  1. Community Connect
    Engage with fellow Trailblazers, share experiences, and participate in meaningful conversations at the heart of our community.

  2. Upcoming Events
    Stay informed about Tech Forward's webinars, events, and exciting opportunities to enrich your tech journey.

  3. Share/Find Jobs Here
    Connect with our supportive community by sharing job opportunities or exploring new career prospects.

We are continuously updating the helpful links and resources of "Community Connect". In the very near future, we'll be introducing a resource library to empower you further in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Join us, check back frequently, and let's thrive together!

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