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From Accounting to Awesome Admin - My Salesforce Journey

I was introduced to Salesforce by my sister. She was already doing the Trailheads on her own when she came across HBCUforce. She was two weeks into the HBCUforce program when I finally decided to join the cohort and make a career change. That was July 2019.

Coming from an Accounting background the learning curve was pretty steep. I learned quickly that I needed to be inside Trailhead daily in order to retain the information I am learning but not utilizing everyday. At the end of the program I took the practice test on Webassessor and bummed it. But it was great to take as it shows you what area(s) you need to work on. So with that information I buckled down.

Fast forward Aug 2020, I now hold two certifications: Salesforce Admin and Service Cloud Consultant. I am in the process of landing my first position and I am truly excited about this opportunity that is available.

Without the foundation of HBCUforce and our study group I don't believe the journey would've been that smooth.

To anyone wishing to get into the Salesforce ecosystem make sure you utilize all the resources available to you, study everyday even if it is just an hour, network and have fun.

Favorite quote: Keep Going!

I would love to connect with you if you have any questions


Twitter: @salesforce_jar

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