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What is a Salesforce Student Group?

The Salesforce economy is booming and demand for Salesforce-skilled professionals is massive. Salesforce is excited to launch the Salesforce Student Groups initiative to help students at leading universities:

Connect and learn Salesforce tech and business skills together.Get mentorship from Salesforce employees and community leaders who have built incredible careers in tech.Get great jobs in the fastest- growing tech ecosystem. For instance, two of the best tech roles available today — Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer (according to

How Salesforce Student Groups Work

1. Kickoff

University and student leaders get excited about Salesforce and volunteer to lead a group.

2. Startup

Student leaders are matched with local Salesforce employees and Community leaders to launch the group.

3. Ongoing

Student leaders run one meeting per semester, with as much Salesforce support as they'd like. We will fund the meeting, send branded goodies, and even help with content. Everyone benefits!

In addtion Trailhead for Students offers your students a pathway to high-quality, high-paying careers in technology. To help students get there, our program provides universities, colleges, and educational nonprofits with fully developed, instructor-ready courses. 

The program gives educators and administrators access to instructor guides and suggested coursework. Salesforce material is designed for flexibility: coursework can be taught as individual semester classes, embedded within an existing class, or delivered in a comprehensive, bootcamp-style program.

Learn more here:

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