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Supporting Small Businesses using Salesforce!

It's Small business Saturday !!!

Here’s how I started supporting small businesses using Salesforce!


I came across a post that was about helping new admins gain real-world experience. It mentioned the Essential's Advisor Program.

Essentials Advisors are new and aspiring Salesforce Administrators, who have gone through an extensive training program, focused specifically on Essentials. Their role is to provide further paid one-to-one support for our amazing Essentials customers. From setup, data import, customization, integrations & more.

At the time, being new in the ecosystem I was in search of real-world experience outside of trailhead. So I applied and I waited. After initially being denied, I later received an email that due to an overwhelming amount of applications they decided to add a few more slots and I was one of the chosen!


My First Project!

Having my first small business client was pretty amazing. We scheduled our first kick-off call and upon speaking I learned that the client lived in California but is originally from Florida, and to top it off she went to one of the high schools that I attended. Such a small big world, right!

I learned more about her business and what she needed and how I could make things easier for her. Filtering things by a certain “business type” and creating campaigns were the top priority for her as she did all of her advertising via email.

The fun for me was finding the best solution for her business.

When all the customizations were completed I set up our final call to show the work that was done and to make sure that it was what she requested. I went over how to create a campaign and I even did one with her just to make sure she understood how to add leads to her campaign, how to use merge fields, and how to convert her pdf flyer into a jpeg.

After our first email campaign was sent she was super excited. She thought it would take her a few times to learn it fully so I created a how-to guide for her that she can reference when she needed.

Helping small businesses has taught me so much and has even given me a greater sense of fulfillment.

The impact of helping a small business

Running a small business is a ton of work!! Especially in the beginning stages when there's only one person running every aspect of the business. From marketing to inventory to processing returns.

With all that needs to be done by being an Essentials advisor I am able to implement processes that will help to lighten the load.

That along with being able to:

  • Meet new people

  • Listen to the stories on how they got started

  • Learn why they started their business

It brings me so much happiness and I just love it all!


So what is Salesforce Essentials??

With Salesforce Essentials, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) solution built for small businesses, you can focus on building strong customer relationships. For just $25 per user per month, Essentials helps you:

  • Start instantly: Get up and running in minutes with guided setup and in-app chat

  • Sell smarter & faster: Automatically sync emails, calls, and notes so you can spend more time with customers

  • Deliver standout support: Respond to customers faster on Facebook, Twitter, or email - all within Essentials

Want to see Salesforce Essentials in action before you buy?

Sign up here for a free 14-day trial.

Let's Talk!

You can connect with me on:


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